the 10 most beautiful cities and places you should visit in Morocco

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Morocco is one of those countries that provokes conspiracies and raises them! I know this sounds airy, magical, crazy, but real! There is something special about visiting Morocco. Thanks to its impressive Arab architecture, its markets and even its blue cities – it differs from many places you can visit near Europe (except perhaps for Maghreb palaces in Southern Europe).

the 10 most beautiful cities in morocco

Then there is the scene! We are talking about the snow-covered Atlas Mountains, the burning desert desert (which must be called the desert already because the desert is Arab to deserts) and the colorful hills that contain many Berbers.

In short – Morocco is a wonderful and exciting place to visit, and it is the place that will make you want to explore more once you visit! With that in mind, here are 10 places you should definitely visit when you are in Morocco!



rabat morocco

Let’s start with the capital. Like most capitals, Rabat is a popular tourist destination. It has two main distinct areas: the new city and the old city. The new city is the perfect place to shop and enjoy the warm weather in the city’s open-air bars and cafes.

For a more vibrant and historic atmosphere, the Medina is filled with traditional Moroccan markets (souks) and is a great place to explore and find amazing deals and make the old-fashioned people well to watch.


  • Marrakech

marrakech morocco

It’s the most popular of many and maybe your gateway to want to see more of Morocco! A visit to Marrakech is an experience that you will not be able to understand until you are there.

The historic old town of Medina can only be described as an attack on the senses, in the best possible way. It is noisy, colorful and the smell of spices, food and tanning is sometimes inevitable. For an authentic experience, immerse yourself in chaos and stay within the city walls in a traditional riad, then shop in labyrinth-like markets.


  • Toubkal National Park and Jebel Toubkal

the 10 most beautiful cities in morocco

At an altitude of 4,167 meters above sea level, walking to the top of Mount Toubkal is never a hike. But they say that nothing good is easy, and it will never be true as if you admire the view from the top of the Atlas Mountains. If you don’t think you can reach the summit, then the park itself is very beautiful to explore. Just 70 km from Marrakech, this is a great place to recover from the hustle and bustle of the Medina

  • Sidi Ifni

the 10 most beautiful cities in morocco

The most interesting thing about the fishing town in southwest Morocco is its Spanish heritage. Sir Evni was originally Spanish territory, and the traces of this are still visible today. Although relatively small and not as attractive as the big cities, Sidi Ifni is warm throughout the year, but the atmosphere is friendly and upbeat, and the beaches are very impressive. It is the ideal place in Morocco for a somewhat relaxing vacation.


  • Asilah

the 10 most beautiful cities in morocco

You can often tell if a place is worth seeing by finding out if locals are interested in it or not. As Asilah is very popular with Moroccan vacationers, it is definitely a safe bet as a great place to visit. From the magnificent white-painted buildings to its magnificent coastline and to the colorful murals decorating the city walls, Asilah is one of Morocco’s primary jewels but is often overlooked.

  • Chefchaouen

 Chefchaouen Morocco

This small town in the Reef Mountains is famous for its picturesque blue houses, which give it a surreal look. If you are looking to explore the natural side of Morocco from a civilizational base, Chefchaouen is the place to do it. You will get a mountain view from almost the end of almost every street, but if that’s not enough, you can also go hiking or wild swimming nearby.

  • Meknes

the 10 most beautiful cities in morocco

This fortified imperial city was the capital of Morocco in the seventeenth century when Sultan Moulay ruled the country. The Sultan’s Tomb is still in its place as one of the most prominent landmarks of the city today.

Meknes atmosphere is very comfortable compared to Rabat and Marrakech, so it is a good choice if you are looking for a more relaxing Moroccan city holiday. It is also an ideal base for visiting the ruins of Volubilis, a magnificent and partially engraved Berber / Roman city, considered the capital of ancient Mauritania.

  • Fes

fes Morocco

Although some Moroccan cities have taken on their role as a playing capital over the years, Fez managed to win the title of an impressive number 400 of them. It is a medieval city bustling with historic buildings and great for exploring on foot. Highlights include the 9th century walled city of Fez and Merenid Cemeteries.


  • Essaouira

If it’s good enough for Jimmy Hendricks and Bob Marley, it’s good enough for us. Essaouira is a small coastal town famous for its big names. You can still see colorful murals and praise of these musical myths in the city today. Essaouira is a small but beautiful coastal city with a picturesque harbor, ideal for escaping the stress of everyday life.


The strange thing is, it is still somewhat ignored as a place to visit and it was not until we got to the Maldives and we spoke with our host (she is from Morocco) who recommended him that we realized how amazing Essaouira really is (she said that Morocco is like Morocco and it is much more beautiful than Marrakech Or Rabat).

  • Merzouga 

 Merzouga Morocco

To taste something different, head to the edge of the desert sand dunes in an area known as Erg Chebbi. Here you will find Merzuka, a small town that offers an authentic Bedouin experience. The best way to explore the beautiful natural atmosphere of Merzouga is beauty. It is a truly unforgettable experience.


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