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MYticket is an independent registered company that allows you to purchase train tickets, or bus tickets in advance in Morocco.

Just send us the exact time you plan to travel and we will book your ticket to any destination in Morocco. Payment is made by credit card via Paypal which covers the ticket and a small fee for our service.

We will then deliver them to you at your accommodation in Marrakech once you arrive or we can just send them to you via Email if you aren’t coming to Marrakech.

Plan your trip in one click, save time, money and book morocco bus & train tickets in advance with best prices.



How do I buy Morocco train or bus tickets?

Please fill out MYticket form to order your ticket for travel in Morocco, and we’ll send you an electronic invoice. On receipt of payment, we’ll purchase bus or train tickets and deliver them once you arrive to your Accommodation in Marrakech (hotel, guesthouse, RBNB…). Or we we’ll send the tickets via Email.


How to buy Marrakech Train Tickets 

Is it possible to buy MOROCCO BUS & TRAIN ticket online in advance?

You can purchase Train tickets in Morocco outside of the country,it’s not necessary to have a Moroccan bank account. However, you can buy Morocco train tickets for any journey at any Train station in Morocco.

What’s the solution to buy Morocco bus & train tickets?

With MYticket, you can book your train tickets to any destination in Morocco 3 months in advance,to guarantee first seats with the best prices. Click here to Order tickets.

Although at most times of the year it better to purchase your Train tickets in advance, we usually recommend that you buy them at least 15 days before your journey, if possible. This avoids any last minute panics if you are wanting to travel at an unusually busy time period or if you forgot about some public holiday.

Marrakech Train Station

There is only one Train station in Marrakech. Trains from Marrakech goes to cities north of the city. For Example Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Meknes,Kenitra and Tangier.
The Marrakech trains are comfortable. They offer 2nd class and 1st class(Flex,semi-flex).

We always recommend buying 1st class train tickets because there isn’t a big difference only a few dirhams or so more than the 2nd class tickets. Because The 1st class tickets offer that little bit extra level of comfort.
Marrakech Trains have Big and more comfortable seats and that’s the main advantages of travelling on first class.

Marrakech Trains timetables 

Full timetables for Marrakech Trains, including prices and journey lengths can be found in our website or at ONCF The website is in French, although it is very easy to understand and navigate.

Getting to and from Marrakech Train station 

Next to Marrakech Train Station, you will find the Supratours Bus station (also owned by ONCF), which is very helpful and one of the best bus companies in Morocco  if you are arriving into Marrakech by train and immediately needing to travel onwards to another city further South like Zagora and Merzouga.

Also, note that trains don’t go further south than Marrakech and there are no trains to Agadir or Essaouira. So the best and cheap way to go to Essaouira or Agadir is using Supratours and CTM bus service.

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