Tangier, Morocco

“Travel to and from Tangier”

Firstlty, Tangier considered as the gate of Morocco because It’s just few kilometres from Europe especially Spain. secondly, It’s a short trip by a quick ferry from Spain. Also, most of the Europeans like Spain, France, Italy, Portugal come to explore the Medina of Tangier and start their adventure in Morocco.

Tangier, Morocco


In addition, there are nice Riads and hotels in Tangier, although people come to visit it for one day or two.


Things to see in Tangier(Travel to and from Tangier)

“Travel to and from Tangier”visit tanger

There are a lot of things to see in Tangier such as: the Medina, The American Legation, Place de France, The Kasbah, Grand Socco, and beautiful Beaches.

Getting to and from Tangier By train

  • Tangier new train station (Travel to and from Tangier)

Tangier city has a new and very modern rail Terminal. It’s a lovely well designed station, which has  a Great location and easy to navigate. It is only a short walk to get you into the heart of Tangier. But if you have cases a taxi will be better.

Above all, the new LGF train station is clean and spacious. It boasts the first Starbucks in town along with a mini mall. Also some nice shops as well as coffee places.

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There are many destinations within Morocco which are connected by  Morocco TGV “AL BORAQ” from Tangier. The most important and modern is LGV, Line du Grand Vitesse. Line for 320 Km high speed Trains Leaving Tangier, then Kenitra, Rabat and finally arrive in Casablanca.

  • Buying train tickets for travel to and from Tangier.

If You are arriving first to Tangier, and you wish to travel to Fes, Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat. Taking the train form Tangier is the best and easy option to reach your destination.

In addition, now with the new TGV “AL BORAQ” (High speed train) the journey Tangier-Casablanca become only 2h30min.

To be honest if you don’t have a Moroccan bank account, things become complicated, so you can’t buy ONCF train tickets online for travel to and from Tangier with a foreign card.

TGV train in Tanger

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Train schedules for travel to and from Tangier

Getting to and from Tangier By Bus