Supratours timetable & Prices

For more details about Supratours timetable & Prices, Please check the tables below.

Traveling by bus in Morocco

There are many beautiful cities in Morocco to visit. The most efficient and affordable ways is using the bus service. To travel to  the cities that aren’t reached by the train like Essaouira, Agadir, Zagora, Merzouga, Chefchaouen and Ouarzazat. You’ll necessary to use Supratours Bus. The ONCF train company runs Supratours to complement its rail network.

There are some people prefer to travel by bus even long routes, for example Marrakech to Fez, even the train is available to those destinations and the price can be up to the half of Morocco bus ticket. So, they get the chance to see the beautiful views of villages and landscapes of Morocco.

Buying Morocco Supratours bus tickets

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In addition to Supratours bus company the Moroccan rail ONCF, there is Morocco CTM bus company operate the most attractive destination. For more details about the company, schedules and prices please check our CTM page. Or contact MYticket team and we’ll be ready to provide you with all the informations.

Map of the most destinations served by ONCF & Supratours

travel by bus in Morocco

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For more information and plan your trip well, check Supratours timetable & prices. Above all Supratours is a super safe, super reliable transportation company.The Morocccan company is actually a subsidiary to ONCF. which is the national railroad and train operator in Morocco. This bus company covers almost all of the Moroccan territory . Also offers a variety of product and price range: economy to first class. Of course, the basic economy bus is super comfortable. And ,I guess they were not called SUPRATOURS for nothing.

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Marrakech to Essaouira by bus – Supratours Timetable & prices

The cheapest way to travel from Marrakech to Essaouira is by using the bus service, especially the Supratours buses.
From Supratours Marrakech station there are more than six buses that leave to Essaouira daily. We always recommend the one at nine o’clock in the morning which called “supratours Confort plus”, because it has big and comfort seats with air-conditioning ,also wifi service. For the return from Marrakech to Essaouira there is bus leaves from Essaouira at 17:00 pm.
On average, a single ride takes three to four hours with a break in the halfway for cup of coffee or to get some food.

In addition, a single ticket costs 80 dirham per person, approximately 8 euros or 8 dollars. But for the confort plus ,it becomes 110 dhs.

Marrkech to Essaouira Supratours Schedule with prices

07h4510h4580 MAD
09h00 (Confort Plus) 12h00110 MAD (Confort Plus)
12h0015h0080 MAD
14h4517h4580 MAD
16h4519h4580 MAD
19h0022h0080 MAD


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Morocco Supratours bus

Supratours Confort plus bus

Supratours confort plus seats

Bus tickets From Marrakech to Essaouira

supratours bus tickets

Supratours Confort plus bus

Supratours confort plus

Marrakech to Agadir by bus – Timetable & prices

Is there actually no train running from Marrakech to Agadir ? This is why we should take the bus? Which one of the two work together with the local train (ONCF), CTM or Supratours? And where do we get Morocco bus tickets? where is CTM bus station Marrakech?

CTM and Supratours companies both of them are great. Supratours is the extension of the Moroccan railway ONCF to connect by road to destinations not served by train. For example, if you want to travel to north of Marrakech to Fes, Tangier, Casablanca or Rabat instead of Supratours, you get train tickets(ONCF).

In addition, Supratours and CTM Both are good and you can choose between the schedules from Marrakech to Agadir, anyway prices are similar. From Marrakech to Agadir is about  3 hours and 250 km approx.

Marrkech to Agadir Supratours Schedule with prices

00h4504h15110 MAD
05h3009h00110 MAD
08h0011h15110 MAD
10h0013h30110 MAD
11h4515h15110 MAD
12h4516h15110 MAD
14h0017h30110 MAD
14h4518h15110 MAD
15h1518h45110 MAD
16h00 (Confort Plus) 19h30130 MAD
16h4520h15110 MAD
18h4522h15110 MAD
20h4500h15110 MAD
22h4502h15110 MAD

Location of Marrakech Supratours bus Station

Location of Marrakech Supratours bus station

The Marrakech supratours station is located in the new part of the city,(Gueliz).

It’s just next to IBIS hotel “Gare” which straight next to the train ONCF station.

Entrance of Marrakech Supratours station

Marrakech Supratours bus station

Some of Supratours bus Prices

TripPrice Observation
Marrakech-Essaouira 80 dhs Confort plus :110 dhs
Marrakech-Agadir110 dhs Confort plus :130 dhs
Marrakech-Merzouga 240 dhs No confort plus
Marrakech-Ouarzazat 90 Dhs No confort plus
Marrakech-Errachidia 180 dhs No confort plus
Marrakech-Zagora 140 dhs No confort plus

Supratours schedule

Departure Departure   Time   
MarrakechEssaouira07h45min09h00min CP 10h45min14h45min16h45min19h00min
EssaouiraMarrakech06h45min08h30min11h30min15h00min 17h00min CP 18h00min
OuarzazateMarrakech1h00min08h05min 08h45min16h00min