If you are one of the people who prefer travelling by bus instead of train , CTM has a large offer that covers most of the cities in Morocco and that is guaranteed to meet your expectations in comfort and punctuality.

CTM Morocco bus tickets

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Location of Marrakech CTM Station on Google Maps

Marrakech CTM Bus Station

Location of CTM Bus station Marrakech/ CTM Morocco bus tickets

Firstly the station is located in the new part of the city ,exactly called Gueliz, which is the center of Marrakech city .

Secondly  the CTM bus station is near Marrakech Train Station and Supratours Bus Station.

Moreover the distance isn’t far you can just walk, will only take you few minutes

But in a hot day in the summer or if you have a lot of luggage it’s better to get a Taxi for the short journey.
Also Gueliz is considered a central location in Marrakech and it’s not far from a Marrakech Medina.

CTM website/ CTM Morocco bus tickets

CTM Bus company website mentions that it is possible to buy online tickets for CTM Buses to travel around Morocco via the website.

The website has the buttons to change to the English version

However, we’ve never heard of a tourist who has actually successfully done this with a foreign card. Because only possible if you have a Moroccan bank account. Most importantly MYticket offers a friendly service of advance purchase  the CTM bus tickets on behalf of our customers and deliver it to your accommodation (hotel, riad, guesthouse, Arbnb….)

Travel with CTM company/ CTM Morocco bus tickets

The CTM Buses which arrive or depart from CTM Bus Station Marrakech can take you to (and from) many other big and small cities in Morocco.

In addition the CTM buses often stop 15 minute or 20 for a break halfway on most routes, stopping at roadside restaurants and cafes that’s offer good foods and drinks.

CTM is it national or international?

CTM Bus company is operating national routes, across Morocco to the north, south, east and west. Also they have international routes to Spain available via their franchise arrangement with Eurolines.

CTM bus Prices

TripPrice Observation
Marrakech-Essaouira80 dhsNo Confort plus
Marrakech-Agadir115 dhsConfort plus :120 dhs
Marrakech-FES185 dhsConfort plus :200dhs
Marrakech-Tangier230 DhsConfort plus:245
Marrakech-Ouarzazat90 dhsNo confort plus
Marrakech-Casablanca95 dhsConfort plus :100 dhs
Marrakech-Rabat140 dhsConfort plus:155 Dhs
Casablanca-Chefchaouen170 dhsConfort plus :170 dhs
Fes-Chefchaouen75 dhsNo Confort plus
Rabat-Chefchaouen115 dhsConfort plus :120 dhs
Marrakech-Zagora160 dhsConfort plus :160 DHS

Travel from and to Chefchaouen city, Morocco

“CTM Morocco bus tickets”

There are easy ways to travel to and from Chefchaouen, the best and easy way by using CTM bus service. Always there are daily buses to and from Chefchaouen city.

These are some of bus routes from and to Chefchaouen:

  • Chefchaouen – Casablanca
  • Fes – Chefchaouen
  • Meknes – Chefchaouen
  • Tangier – Chefchaouen


MYticket can purchase CTM bus tickets for travel from and to Chefchaouen or to any other destination in Morocco. Just fill in MYticket booking form with your preferred travel details or contact us via Email: contact@myticketservices.com or WhatsApp: +212608401475.

For travel from Fes and Meknes CTM bus takes about 4hours to arrive to Chefchaouen, and the costs are around 75 Dirhams. To get to Casablanca there is only one bus per day leave from Chefchaouen at 07h00 and arrive to Casablanca at 13h00( 6 hours ) and will cost you around 165 Moroccan dirhams.

Chefchaouen to Fes timetable and prices

10h45min15h30min75 DirhamsConfort
13h15min17h30min75 DirhamsConfort
14h45min19h30min75 DirhamsConfort
18h10min22h30min75 Dirhams

Fes to Chefchaouen timetable and prices

08h00min11h40min63 DirhamsConfort
09h30min14h15min63 DirhamsConfort
11h00min15h15min63 DirhamsConfort
12h00min16h05min63 DirhamsConfort
14h00min18h00min63 DirhamsConfort
16h15min20h45min63 DirhamsConfort
(next day)
63 DirhamsConfort

CTM Bus routes from Marrakech/ CTM Morocco bus tickets

For example: